Sunday, December 09, 2012

Timeline of E.1027

    1926-1929  designed and built
·            1932 the couple part – Badovici kept house
·            1938-1940 le Corbusier paints murals on the walls without permission during his visits
·                           She never forgave him and never went back into the house
·            1956 Badovici dies and his Romanian sister (nun) inherits property
·                           The Romanian state confiscates the property and puts it up for sale
·            1960 bought by Madame Schelbert (being convinced by le Corbusier)
·            1965 le Corbusier dies swimming in front of the house
·            1982 Dr Kaegi (Kägi) Schelbert's doctor (drug addict) buys it or gets it
·            1991 he sells all of Eileen's furniture for 3 million Francs
·            1994 he puts house on market for 5 million Francs
·            1996 murdered by his two gardeners after refusing to pay them
·            Empty for 3 years – vandalized by squatters
·            1999 purchased by Conservatoire du Littoral and declared French national monument
·            Renovation sponsored by:
o   French government
o   Roqubrune-Cap-Martin
o   Alpes-Maritimes département  
·            2008 most recent renovation started
        Currently being renovated


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