Saturday, December 08, 2012

E. 1027's Restoration

As you may already know, E. 1027's recent history has not been so kind. After the murder of it's previous owner in 1996, E. 1027 has been used as a squatting place for many.

However, in 1999 it was bought by the Municipality of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin and the French Government.They had the intentions of restoring it in the near future.


In 2008 it's restoration had begun. It is still currently undergoing it's restoration, but photos have been published of the current state of the villa. "Friends of E. 1027" is a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring E. 1027. We thank them for releasing these photos.

A renovator painting the home.
Putting in the shades.
Scaffolding covering the home.
The updated exterior.
Closeup of the exterior.
Another closeup.
New colours have been painted on the walls.

There have been several different rumors about the reason for the restoration, one of which is that the funds were only allocated due to the paintings of Le Corbusier and the interesting story behind them. Even though Le Corbusier's paintings remain, the new wall color choice was inspired by some of the early diagram drawings that Eileen had done.

A diagram drawing of Eileen's.

 All photos of renovation done by M. Bougot and Lindsay Brown.

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