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Constant, Caroline, and Wilfred Wang. "E.1027." In An Architecture for All Senses, 92-117. Tuebigen,
     Germany: Ernst J. Wasmuth Verlag, 1996.
      The section of the book we used had a very good analysis of E. 1027 and compared it to different movements, buildings, and design, during that time period. It elaborated on what influenced Eileen and how she decided to incorporate this into her work.   
Hecker, Stefan, and Christian F. Mueller. eileen gray. 2nd ed. Barcelona: Editorial
Gustaco Gili, 
      The book has many good photographs of E 1027, shows construction details,
and has a superb set of plans, sections, and elevations. 
Monte Carlo Auction House, comp. Collection Eileen Gray, Mobilier, Objets 
et Projets de sa Creation. 
     New York, USA: Sotheby Parke Bernet Monaco S.A., 1980. 
      This small booklet has a large variety of good quality photographs depicting
Eileen’s furniture. Adding to this, there are short descriptions explaining the
materials and composition of each piece of furniture. 
Constant, Caroline. Eileen Gray. London: Phaidon Press, 2000.
Constant, Caroline. Eileen Gray. Reprint ed. N.p.: Phaidon Press, 2007. 
      The book covers all of Eileens architectural works and gives us a broad
overview of her projects. Her furniture and design are briefly mentioned and the
main emphasis is on the buildings. 
Editions Albert Morance. "Eileen Gray Et Jean Badovici - Maison En Bord De Mer." L'Architecture
      This is a copy of a documentary magazine published by Badovici concerning
E 1027. It has an in depth analysis of the construction, design, thought process,
and furniture of E 1027. This magazine was definitely the source of information
that helped the most during the case study. 
DB City. Accessed December 4, 2012.
      The website gave us information concerning the demography and geography of the Roquebrune-Cap-Martin area.
French Riviera. Accessed December 4, 2012.
      This website was used to find out the general history of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin
and any other general information. 
Friends of e1027. Accessed December 4, 2012.
      This website has many newspaper and magazine articles concerning Eileen Gray.
These supplied us with lots of information and also told us what people thought
of her work. 
Adam, Peter. Eileen Gray Her Life and Work. Munich, Germany: Schirmer/Mosel, 2008.
      This book covers all aspects of Eileen’s life and work, and was a great source for information and pictures. We used the book frequently and it was one of our main sources.
Adam, Peter. Eileen Gray: architect/designer: a biography. New York, USA: Harry N. Abrams, 2000.
      This book summarizes Eileen’s life, her furniture, and her various design
and architectural works. However, we used this book mainly for the biography of
Eileen Gray.  


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  2. Adam, Peter, "Eileen Gray: Her life and Work". Munich: Schirmer/Mosel, 2008