Friday, December 07, 2012

Helpful Quotes - E. 1027: The Nonheroic Modernism of Eileen Gray by Caroline Constant

These quotes have helped us better understand Eileen and her reasoning behind E.1027. Hopefully they will help you as well. 

  • “A homogeneous whole built for man, to human scale, and balanced in all its parts.”
  • “Fascination with opacity and indecipherability let to her focus on the surface of elements, their color, texture, and reflective qualities.”
  • Windows address body and panorama simultaneously.
  • “Special differences through structural means.”
  • “Choice of materials to express degrees of bodily contact.”
  • “Inspired by material forms, their embodiment of service to the human body.”
  • “Incorporating mobility at the scale of the occupant rather than the room. Gray rendered the subject an active agent in her environment, forcefully shaping the space to receive her, more a participant than a mere occupant.”
  • “Devised a plan diagram depicting internal circulation routes in relationship to the suns daily path.”
  • “She engaged all of the senses to entrance the occupant’s consciousness of bodily immersion in a sequence of experiences.”
  • “Intertwining the visible with what is out of sight.”

Source : The Nonheroic Modernism of Eileen Gray
Research: Mark Cooper

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